YourShare Cooperative Booking Agreement

For Property Owners

This is a contract for booking services for the below named lodging facilities ("Unit"), between the below named party ("Client") and the below named party ("Manager"), governed by the Terms & Conditions for YourShare Cooperative Terms & Conditions ("Terms & Conditions") which were given to both parties, are attached hereto or posted to the website and incorporated by reference (together "Agreement.")

CLIENT. Client grants Manager non-exclusive right to act as an agent to enter into binding Booking Confirmations with Guests for use of the Unit, upon prices and guest terms defined in this Agreement.

MANAGER. Manager agrees to act as an agent for the Unit to seek out and procure binding Booking Confirmations with Guests for prices and upon guest terms and conditions as defined in this Agreement.

NOTIFICATION. Manager will notify Client of Confirmed Bookings by Email or Fax as it sees fit and Client agrees to respond by Acknowledging or Rejecting Bookings as provided for in this Agreement.

CALENDAR. To coordinate rental availability of Units, Client and Manager agree to synchronize their respective calendars as check marked below:

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REPORTING & PAYMENT: Manager will provide a Financial Reporting to Client on or about the 15h of each month for all Bookings in which Manager’s guests departed the preceding month; and will make payment to on that date by mailed check or electronic bank transfer.

TERM. Agreement will start on the later date of Client’s or Manager’s approval below, and will continue in full force as indicated in the Commission paragraph above, and thereafter until terminated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Terms & Conditions contain, among other provisions, the duties of both parties, requirement for the receipt and disbursement of rents, and General Conditions related to the validity of the Agreement, enforcement and obligations. Unless otherwise agreed in writing there are no other representations or conditions; and in the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, the Agreement will supersede.